Eyebolt Installation

Clohessy Rope Access Ltd offer Eyebolt Installation and Eyebolt Testing for all types of Eyebolts.

Eyebolts are more accurately known, in the ‘safety system’ context as a Class A1 Anchor Device, an Eyebolt can be installed into a wide range of surfaces to provide a safe point of anchorage for the purpose of Rope Access or Fall Arrest for for internal and external window cleaning.  All Eyebolts are installed in accordance with the requirements of BS 7883 and EN 795.  All Eyebolts can be installed into a number of different brick and concrete structures allowing safe access to areas of a building which would normally be off limits due to working at height safety concerns.

Clohessy Rope access were recently called upon to install eyebolts into a parapet wall for the purpose of cleaning a high level box gutter which had become blocked due to roof materials covering the rain water outlets.   Due to the gutter blockage rain water eventually filled the box gutter and leaked into the unocupied flat below causing £90,000 of water damage to ceilings, flooring and furnishings.  The installation of Eyebolts allow the regular safe access and maintenance of our clients box gutters and roof area.  Eyebolt Installation which will prevent the problem from repeating in the future due to a full Eyebolt Testing and Gutter Cleaning Contract.  Eight Eyebolts were installed in total allowing the whole building to be accessed and inspected via Rope Access for future maintenance projects.

Eyebolt Installation Certification and Testing

On the completion of a 6 Monthly Eyebolt Test all our clients are issued with a full Eyebolt certification package, safe in the knowledge that the Eyebolts are safe to use and all current HSE legislation is up to date.

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