Rope Access Pipe Repair and Maintenance

Broken guttering and down pipes can be very unpleasing to the eye, but over a just short time they have a costly effect on a property. If water is allowed to leak from a down pipe or guttering onto brickwork, water will soon penetrate the building causing damage to plastered walls and ceilings.

Guttering and Down Pipes

Clohessy Rope Access can repair and replace all types of guttering and downpipes from plastic to cast iron.

Waste Water and Soil Pipes

Our service also includes the repair and replacement of damaged soil and waste water pipes from a property.

The pictures below show the repairs made to a leaking waste water pipe from a kitchen sink 7 stores high. The leaking waste water pipe had caused a heavy build up of staining to the surrounding brickwork.

Clohessy Rope Access repaired the pipe and power washed the sounding brickwork to bring the property back to its original state.

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