Rope Access Gutter Cleaning

Clohessy Rope access offer a Rope Access Gutter Cleaning Service and can access and clean all guttering, gullys and associated hoppers without the need for scaffolding.

Clohessy Rope access were recently called upon to access and clean a high level box gutter which had become blocked due to roof materials covering the rain water outlets.   Due to the sever gutter blockage rain water filled the box gutter and leaked into the unoccupied flat below causing £90,000 of water damage to ceilings, flooring and furnishings.  The damage was severe due to our client unfortunately being on holiday when water first started entering the flat. The upper roof was quickly accessed and cleaned with the use of Eyebolts for quick attachment points.  The installation of Eyebolts at roof level allow the regular safe access and maintenance of our clients box gutters and roof area.  Eyebolt Installation which will prevent the problem from repeating in the future due to a full Eyebolt Testing and Rope Access Gutter Cleaning Contract.  Eight Eyebolts were installed in total allowing the whole building to be accessed and inspected via Rope Access for future maintenance projects including window redecoration and window cleaning.

If unchecked blocked gutters and gullys can cause severer damage to a property due to flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Regular gutter cleaning contracts prevents damage to properties and allows regular inspection of roof tops and surrounding areas, allowing repairs to be carried out before they cause water ingress.  Clohessy Rope Access are able to access and repair roof tops, brick and stone works using 15 years of roofing and  building knowledge.  All discovered defects are reported to our clients in a full report detailing the needed schedule of repairs and course of action to prevent water ingress.

Rope Access Gutter Cleaning in London

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